Ruby Bovill                                    


Inner Landscape

Solo exhibition at Off the Kerb Gallery, Collingwood, Naarm
July 2021

Inspired by the metaphor of an “inner garden” by author Emily Nagoski - this exhibition aimed to explore Ruby’s ‘Inner Landscape’.

‘On the day you’re born, you’re given a little plot of rich and fertile soil... your family and your culture... plant language and attitudes and knowledge about love and safety and 
bodies and pleasure... and you didn’t choose any of that... [but] as you transition through’ll take on full responsibility for its care.’ - Nagoski

Ruby is interested in how images reflect the inner self. This exhibition explored the concept that wall have a unique garden within, created by our culture, family and environment. 
These paintings aim to be light, joyous and playful encouraging the viewer to imagine their own unique ‘Inner Landscape’.