Ruby Bovill                                    


Ruby Bovill is a Painter and Art Therapist based on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people in Melbourne / Naarm . Her paintings are inspired by natural landscapes. Ruby’s work encourages quiet contemplation and reflection on connection to place. Ruby’s paintings are an abstraction of her environment and identity. Growing up in Melbourne and regularly visiting the Great Ocean Road and Murray river, Ruby’s childhood provided her with a connection to nature. Art Therapy transformed Ruby’s art making practice resulting in work that makes internal discoveries, heals and contributes to her sense of self. Ruby’s art aims to provide viewers an opportunity to connect to nature in urban environments.  

Ruby graduated from a Double Bachelor of Arts and Visual Arts at Monash University in 2015. Since then Ruby completed a Masters of Art Therapy at LaTrobe University in 2018. Today, alongside her painting practice, Ruby works as an Art Therapist with victim / survivors of family violence at a Naarm / Melbourne based non-for-profit. Ruby is passionate about providing safe spaces for people to engage in creative modalities to reduce emotional distress, explore self, and recover from trauma.